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We created Infinote as an Earth-friendly, climate-positive alternative to traditional paper notebooks. We wanted to recreate the experience of writing on regular paper, minus the environmental impact. And along the way, we wanted to make sure that you never lose your notes again.

This is our story.

There has to be a better way

As entrepreneurs, we’re prodigious note takers. Every day starts with lengthy to-dos and lengthier journal entries. When we took stock, we realized that we were running through dozens of notebooks every year.

Keeping track of all these notebooks wasn’t easy either. Despite our best efforts, we would end up misplacing several notebooks every year – losing important notes along with it. 

Even the notebooks that we would retain would eventually develop wear and tear.

That’s when we asked ourselves:

There has to be a better way.

A Greener, Smarter Alternative

What would this better way look like?

From the very start, we knew what we wanted:

  • A notebook that looked and felt like regular paper
  • Sustainable materials with minimum environmental impact
  • The ability to write with pen – just like paper
  • A way to store all our notes digitally with minimum effort

Forging a path to this better way meant completely reinventing how we looked at paper. It also meant turning to technology to digitize all our notes.

The end result of our research is the product you now see on this site:


Sustainable Stone Paper + Smart App: A Perfect Match

To create Infinote, we turned to a unique material:


Processing stone creates a massive amount of waste, usually in the form of stone shavings and powder.

If this stone powder is compressed under heat and pressure, it can be rolled into sheets. Just like paper.

This stone paper is completely environment friendly. Not only does it not use environment-harming wood pulp, it also recycles waste material.

Stone paper is also tearproof, waterproof, and can be easily erased with a wet cloth.

But stone paper by itself wasn’t enough. We also wanted to digitize our notes. 

So we created the Infinote app. This unique, powerful app makes it easy to scan all your notes. Just point your phone camera and click – our app will scan and send your notes to your email, Google Drive, or Dropbox, automatically.

Truly a match made in heaven.

The planet will thank you. As will your wallet.

Over 4 billion trees are cut down every year to make paper.

Every Infinote can be erased and reused hundreds of times. A single notebook is the same as over 500 traditional paper notebooks. 

This means that when you buy an Infinote, you not only save as much money as hundreds of notebooks, you also save dozens of trees. 

Being able to access your note anytime, anywhere is just the icing on this pocket-friendly cake.

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