This Year, Give Them the Gift of Forever

Imagine a notebook you can write on with pen ink. Then erase and reuse, over and over again – hundreds of times.

Imagine a notebook with pages made from stone, not wood pulp. Pages that are so tough you’ll need scissors to tear them. 

Imagine a notebook with an app to effortlessly scan and digitize your notes. And when you’re done, send them to your email or Dropbox. Automatically.

Imagine Infinote. A notebook that will last forever.

How it Works

1. Write

Your Infinote can be used just like any regular paper notebook. Just make sure to use our specially formulated Frixion ink pens – included with your copy of Infinote. 

Write as you normally do in natural handwriting. Your Infinote app will scan and convert your physical notes into digital notes automatically.

2. Scan and Digitize

Use the Infinote app (available on iOS and Android – see links at the bottom of this page) to scan your handwritten notes. Clever edge markers on each Infinote page makes scanning effortless.

Once scanned, your notes will automatically be sent to the platforms you’ve selected in the app. This includes Gmail, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

3. Erase and Reuse

Once you’ve digitized your notes, simply wipe your Infinote clean with a wet cloth. You can also use the eraser included on your Frixion ink pen. 

Once wiped, your Infinote will be as good as new. You can reuse and erase it over and over again – up to 500 times

4. Organize Your Notes

Digitizing your notes with the Infinote app means you can access them on any device, at any time. 

You can also see all your scanned notes under the “History” tab on your Infinote app. 

Use this feature to organize your notes so you never forget anything ever again!

Reusable Notebook + Smart App

A Match Made in Productivity Heaven

100% erasable and reusable notebooks + easy scanning and automated cloud storage open up whole new avenues of productivity. 

Imagine creating a to-do list and sending a copy straight to your Dropbox account.

Or taking meeting notes and sharing them with all your team members in seconds.

And when you’re done, erasing everything with a wet cloth and starting all over again. 

It’s a new world of productivity. And it’s even environment-friendly.

Everything That Makes the Infinote Special

Infinitely Reusable

Every Infinote can be erased over 500 times – including pen ink. Our revolutionary stone paper also resists tearing. Truly the last notebook you’ll ever need.

Like Paper. But Better

Our stone paper looks and feels just like paper, but better. The surface is smooth, soft, and extraordinarily white. Write on it just like you normally do. Erase when you’re done.

Your First Two Erasable Pen, On Us

Every Infinote ships with two erasable pens and a microfiber cleaning cloth so you can get started right away. Just bring your thoughts.

Automation, Baked Right in

Normal scanning apps force you to manually store your scans in the cloud. Infinote bypasses this problem by automatically connecting the app to your favorite destinations –  Dropbox, Google Drive, and email.

When you scan a page with the Infinote app, your chosen destination gets a copy as well – automatically. 

Edge Detection in Seconds

Our revolutionary click-free scanning is made possible by smarter edge detection. 

All the pages on Infinote notebooks have darkened edges. This makes it easier for our machine vision-powered app to detect page edges accurately in seconds. 

Faster scanning. More productive you.

And Even More...

Environment Friendly

Each Infinote is made from stone paper - a special paper made from recycled stone. No trees were harmed in the making of this notebook.

Child Friendly

Our special stone paper uses no harsh chemicals or additives. It's perfectly safe for everyone, children included.

Bulk Scanning

Need to scan dozens of notes quickly? Our app even supports a batch mode for quickly scanning your entire notebook.

Easy search and access

Get access to all your notes within the Infinote app. Never lose anything you write ever again.

A Box Made for Gifting

We designed the Infinote to be shared. So we also designed a box that’s made to be shared.

Each Infinote ships in a gorgeous cardboard box with separate storage for your Infinote, plus two additional pens.

It’s the perfect gift for this year. And forever.

What our users say

Innovative notebook. Works really well in keeping record of my notes while jumping from one meeting to another. And in hindsight, i save some trees.
Saakshi Agarwal
CA, MBA - Bangalore
Never thought a notebook can be so smooth & durable at the same time. For important data, a perfect companion. Thanks Infinote Team.
Ritvik Garg
Software Engineer - PUNE

Rated 5 Stars on Amazon!


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The Last Notebook You'll Ever Buy

Stop paying for notebooks every two weeks.

One Infinote can be erased and reused over 500 times. With the Infinote app, it will be the last notebook you’ll ever need to buy. 

This year, give your friends, colleagues, clients, and employees the gift of forever.

Every Infinote ships with:



Absolutely, Infinote can be wiped clean with any wet cloth. You can also rub the notes with the tip of the included erasable pens. Alternatively, you can erase your notes by using a hairdryer.

No, for Infinote’s erasing function to work, you need to use Frixion ink pens to write. Each Infinote ships with 2 pens included in the box. Additional Frixion ink pens can be purchased at any stationery store around you.

We recommend allowing 5-7 seconds of rest after writing to allow the ink to settle and avoid smudging. Our special ink is also sensitive to
heat and you should not expose it to high temperature during usage. Under normal conditions, the ink will last as long on paper as any regular ink.

The Infinote document management app is available on both Google Play store and Apple App store. To unlock it, you need the QR code included with your Infinote smartbook.

Selected docs are sent to cloud locations or your email when you complete the operation.
All your scans are stored locally in your phone also and available in the app for your
search. You can select your destination choice after you log into the app.

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