Transforming Waste Into Want

Revolutionary Reusable Notebooks Made from Recycled Stone

It's Not a Notebook. It's an Infinote.

Every Infinote is made from our revolutionary stone paper. This paper is made from compressed recycled stone. You get a superior writing experience without the environmental cost of regular paper. 

Environment Friendly

Our revolutionary stone paper recycles discarded stone for a truly climate positive notebook.


Every Infinote is waterproof and completely erasable. Buy one notebook. Use it forever.


Our free Infinote app lets you scan every page automatically, so you never lose your notes again.

Turning Stone Into Paper

Regular paper tears easily, can’t erase ink, and leaves a giant footprint on the environment. 

Which is why we use paper made from a revolutionary ingredient: recycled stone.

Stone powder – discarded during regular stone processing – is compressed and turned into sheets of paper. Each sheet can be erased hundreds of times, including pen ink It can also be washed and is nearly impossible to tear. 

The end result is a notebook with better paper quality and minimal environmental impact. 


Stone paper does not tear like regular paper. Take it everywhere - your office desk or a Himalayan hike.


Stone paper is 100% waterproof. Spill to your heart's content - your notes are secure.

A Pen Worthy of Your Infinote

Every Infinote ships with an innovative erasable pen. Thanks to its specially formulated ink, you can write on stone paper just like a regular notebook. And when you’re done, you can erase everything with a wet cloth, an eraser, or even a hair dryer.

The thin, friction-free writing experience is just the cherry on top.

0.5-0.7 MM

Our pens are available in 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm thickness. Perfect for all your needs - writing or sketching.

Easily Erasable

Our special ink can be erased with a wet cloth, an eraser, or even a hair dryer - over 500 times over.

Good for You. Good for the Environment.

Every Infinote uses recycled stone, not paper. This stone is recovered from mines, processed organically, and compressed to create smooth, paper-like sheets. 

Since the Infinote is entirely wood-free and reduces waste, every smartbook you purchase is carbon neutral and climate-positive. 

Zero Wood Pulp

Our stone paper uses zero wood pulp or harmful chemicals.


We use only discarded, waste stone. The result is the world's only climate-positive notebook.

Everything That Makes the Infinote Special

Infinitely Reusable

Every Infinote can be erased over 500 times – including pen ink. Our revolutionary stone paper also resists tearing. Truly the last notebook you’ll ever need.

Like Paper. But Better

Our stone paper looks and feels just like paper, but better. The surface is smooth, soft, and extraordinarily white. Write on it just like you normally do. Erase when you’re done.

Your First Two Erasable Pens, On Us

Every Infinote ships with two erasable pens and a microfiber cleaning cloth so you can get started right away. Just bring your thoughts.

Smart Edges for Easier Scanning

All Infinote pages have a dark boundary. This makes it easier for our AI-powered app to detect edge boundaries and scan your pages in seconds. It’s these little things that make a big difference.

Lined and Unlined - Two Uses, Same Notebook

Worried about choosing lined or unlined notebooks? Your Infinote contains both – half the pages are lined, the other half unlined. The best of two worlds in one smartbook.

What our users say

Innovative notebook. Works really well in keeping record of my notes while jumping from one meeting to another. And in hindsight, i save some trees.
Saakshi Agarwal
CA, MBA - Bangalore
Never thought a notebook can be so smooth & durable at the same time. For important data, a perfect companion. Thanks Infinote Team.
Ritvik Garg
Software Engineer - PUNE


Absolutely, Infinote can be wiped clean with any wet cloth. You can also rub the notes with the tip of the included erasable pens. Alternatively, you can erase your notes by using a hairdryer.

All Infinote sheets are made from special recycled stone paper. It is 100% wood pulp and acid free.

Your Infinote has been tested to be erased up to 500 times under normal use and reuse conditions.

You can buy additional erasable pens from our website , Amazon or Flipkart online stores. You can also buy erasable Pilot Frixion Pens from any stationary shop near you.

We recommend allowing 5-7 seconds of rest after writing to allow the ink to settle and avoid smudging. Our special ink is also sensitive to
heat and you should not expose it to high temperature during usage. Under normal conditions, the ink will last as long on paper as any regular ink.

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