Our most frequently asked questions and their answers

Can I erase the notebook?

Absolutely, Infinote can be wiped clean with any wet cloth. You can also rub the notes with the tip of the included erasable pens. Alternatively, you can erase your notes by using a hairdryer.

What kind of paper does the notebook use?

All Infinote sheets are made from special recycled stone paper. It is 100% wood pulp and acid free.

How many times I can erase & reuse Infinote?

Your Infinote has been tested to be erased up to 500 times under normal use and reuse conditions.

Can I refill the pen for future use?

You can buy additional erasable pens from our website , Amazon or Flipkart online stores. You can also buy erasable Pilot Frixion Pens from any stationary shop near you.

How many days the ink will last on this paper?

We recommend allowing 5-7 seconds of rest after writing to allow the ink to settle and avoid smudging. Our special ink is also sensitive to
heat and you should not expose it to high temperature during usage. Under normal conditions, the ink will last as long on paper as any regular ink.

What platforms is the Infinote app available on?

The Infinote document management app is available on both Google Play store and Apple App store. To unlock it, you need the QR code included with your Infinote smartbook.

Where are the documents stored after scanning?

Selected docs are sent to cloud locations or your email when you complete the operation.
All your scans are stored locally in your phone also and available in the app for your
search. You can select your destination choice after you log into the app.

Can I manually edit the images/scans while using the app?

Yes, the Infinote app supports both manual and automatic modes. The manual mode allows you to adjust brightness,
contrast, crop, and enhance the image before it is sent to your chosen destination.

Can I scan multiple pages at a time?

Yes, you can choose bundle scan mode in the app to scan multiple pages. Once all
pages are scanned one by one, you will see a review screen to check all your scans. Click on ‘done button to send all pages as PDF to your choice of destination.

Where can I buy the Infinote smartbook and app?

You can buy the Infinote smartbook and accessories (including additional erasable pens) from our online store at GetInfinote.com. You can also buy them from Amazon India, Flipkart, and select stores across India.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, we offer discounts for bulk and repeating orders. Please get in touch with us at hello@getinfinote.com for more details or use the form on our support page.

I want to gift Infinote to my clients/team members/employees

We offer attractive bulk rates and customization options for corporate gifting. Get in touch with us at hello@getinfinote.com or use the contact form here for corporate gifting inquiries.

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