How Infinote Works

Your Infinote is designed to work just like a regular notebook, but just a little smarter. This page will show you how Infinote works and how to get the most out of it.

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1. Write

Your Infinote can be used just like any regular paper notebook. Just make sure to use our specially formulated Frixion ink pens – included with your copy of Infinote. 

Write as you normally do in natural handwriting. Your Infinote app will scan and convert your physical notes into digital notes automatically.

2. Scan and Digitize

Use the Infinote app (available on iOS and Android – see links at the bottom of this page) to scan your handwritten notes. Clever edge markers on each Infinote page makes scanning effortless.

Once scanned, your notes will automatically be sent to the platforms you’ve selected in the app. This includes Gmail, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

3. Erase and Reuse

Once you’ve digitized your notes, simply wipe your Infinote clean with a wet cloth. You can also use the eraser included on your Frixion ink pen. 

Once wiped, your Infinote will be as good as new. You can reuse and erase it over and over again – up to 500 times

4. Organize Your Notes

Digitizing your notes with the Infinote app means you can access them on any device, at any time. 

You can also see all your scanned notes under the “History” tab on your Infinote app. 

Use this feature to organize your notes so you never forget anything ever again!

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