A groundbreaking app to keep your memories, forever.

The Infinote app pairs with the Infinote smartbook to let you scan and digitize all your notes. Just point your camera and click. And once you’re done, our app will send your notes to your favorite destinations, automatically.

No more manual emailing. No more missing notes. Truly revolutionary.

Powered by AI. Fuelled by your creativity.

Every Infinote smartbook gives you access to the Infinote app. With our innovative AI-powered algorithm, the app can automatically recognize page boundaries so you get perfectly aligned scans every time.

That’s not all. Our automation feature lets you connect the app to Gmail, Google Drive, Box, Slack, or Dropbox. Scan your notes and the app will automatically deliver a digital copy to your favorite destination.

It’s magical the first time you try it. And the hundredth time.

Powerful automation, right at your fingertips

At the heart of the Infinote experience is automation.

Normal scanning apps rely on you manually sending and sharing every scanned page. Which is neither fun or productive.

Infinote bypasses this problem by automatically connecting the app to your favorite destinations – Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and of course, email.

When you scan a page with the Infinote app, your chosen destination gets a copy as well – automatically. 

No more manual sharing. Just effortless automation.

Supported apps

Google Drive

Edge detection: our secret sauce

Scanning your pages with regular apps means hovering your phone carefully over each page to line it up with the camera.

With Infinote, that’s a thing of the past.

Every Infinote page has clearly marked edges. When you use the Infinote app to scan these pages, our algorithm gets to work and finds the edges for you automatically in seconds.

It’s fast, fun, and effortless. Exactly the kind of productivity boost you need.

Other features

Easy search & Access

Our powerful history and search feature helps you find and access your notes right from the app.

PDF/Image support

Save your scans as PDFs or JPG image files - the choice is entirely yours.

Manual mode

Need more control over your scans? Choose manual mode to edit all scans individually.

Single step scanning

With our one-tap scanning feature, you can digitize all your notes in no time.

No ads, no watermarks, no gimmicks

Annoying ads. Intrusive watermarks. 

You don’t have to worry about these anymore.

The Infinote app won’t show you any ads and it will never add a watermark to your scanned pages. 

You get your own scans, sent to your own accounts – no gimmicks and privacy-invading tracking.


You control your own data

Your notes contain your thoughts, plans, and secrets. How and where they are stored is important to you.

We agree. Which is why we give you complete control over your data. You get to decide how your notes are stored. You also decide where they’re sent after every scan. 

No more data breaches and privacy invasions. It’s your data. You get to control it.

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The Infinote app is free with every purchase of Infinote


The Infinote document management app is available on both Google Play store and Apple App store. To unlock it, you need the QR code included with your Infinote smartbook.

Selected docs are sent to cloud locations or your email when you complete the operation.
All your scans are stored locally in your phone also and available in the app for your
search. You can select your destination choice after you log into the app.

Yes, the Infinote app supports both manual and automatic modes. The manual mode allows you to adjust brightness,
contrast, crop, and enhance the image before it is sent to your chosen destination.

Yes, you can choose bundle scan mode in the app to scan multiple pages. Once all
pages are scanned one by one, you will see a review screen to check all your scans. Click on ‘done button to send all pages as PDF to your choice of destination.

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