Radically environment-friendly notebooks

The Smartbook From the Future

Infinote is a climate-positive, reusable smart notebook made from reused stone. Use it like a regular notebook. Erase it when you’re done – including pen ink. Digitize everything with our revolutionary app.

The Notebook

Environment-Friendly Notebooks Made From Stone

Our revolutionary smartbooks are made from recycled stone. Write on them with our smooth Frixion ink pens. Erase with a wet cloth. Reuse infinitely. 

Truly the last notebook you’ll ever need.

The App

An App to Store All Your Notes

Our groundbreaking app scans and digitizes all your handwritten notes. And it sends them to your favorite destinations – email, Dropbox, Google Drive – automatically.

Never lose your notes again. 

The Impact

A Smaller Carbon Footprint. Reduced Waste. Better Work.

We reduce waste by recycling unused stone. And since every Infinote can be reused hundreds of times, you reduce waste by using fewer noteobooks.

Good for you. Good for the planet.

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